review: Australis Double Decker Duo

When I saw this in Priceline, I was excited…a cream eyeshadow and a loose eyeshadow in one? Had my name written all over it. I am a big fan of cream eyeshadows. I love the versatility of them – they can be worn alone on the eye, or used as a base to create an amazing eyeshadow look. So, this sounded like a great beauty product all in one little package.

Australis have bought out 5 Duos in total: Cosmic Rays described as “Latte, shimmer”, Give Me Some Space described as “Purple, shimmer”,Greenhouse Effect described as “Green shimmer”, Moon Rocker described as “Bright Blue, shimmer” and finally Supernova Casanova described as “Chocolate, shimmer”. The colour I chose – Supernova Casanova is a cream eyeshadow (top layer) a deep brown/bronze colour with golden flecks of glitter; the bottom layer a loose, fine peachy shimmer.

To start, the packaging is nice – it’s compact even though you get two products, easy to open, but secure and the bottom layer which holds the shimmer comes with a plastic tab which helps to stop the shimmer flying everywhere. My first gripe, (just a wee one!) a small mirror in the lid would be really great. The design, colour and lettering on the packaging is nice too, not the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, but pretty damn good for a product priced at $9.95.

Upon first try of the cream product, I was wishing and willing this to be good, not good, but great because I had designs on the rest of them, I wanted to buy every colour (that would have been my weekday makeup sorted!) I applied the cream eyeshadow on top of a primer using clean fingers (as I usually would apply a cream product), however the texture once applied to my lid seemed a little oily. As I continued to build and blend, I became more disappointed. The more I blended, the more the product just disappeared into my skin. I soldiered on, thinking that the shimmer would do it justice…nope. I patted the shimmer with a synthetic makeup brush onto my lids, only to add to the oily patchy mess that was my eyeshadow. Trust me, I really wanted to make this work, so I added more of the shimmer in an attempt to set the eyeshadow. No joy.

I kept the eyeshadow on for the rest of the day to really give it a good go, but it only continued to crease, get patchier, faded and oily. I even had a second try applying as I had previously with a primer underneath it, but being more careful to apply thinner layers, I set the cream and shimmer shadow with translucent setting powder, yuck what a mess. I was also wearing eyeliner on this occasion which the cream eyeshadow had managed to break down into a black goopy mess.


To sum it up, I really wish this product had been better.

Maybe I was expecting too much from a product at $9.95? Maybe, but I own lots of affordable brands of makeup, which knocks this out of the water.

I have naturally oily skin, but usually with use of a good primer, I can get away with any cream product on the eyes. Not this time.

The product in theory is brilliant, but in practice, (in my humble opinion) it performs terribly. Australis, please improve on the quality, it’s time to improve pharmacy makeup!

Have you tried the Double Decker Duos or any other Australis products? I’d love to know what you think… please comment below!



2 thoughts on “review: Australis Double Decker Duo

  1. I’ve have a Double Decker in ‘Moon Rocker’. It’s blue. I actually really like mine, except I apply it a bit differently. I use a small eyeshadow brush (one that has bristles like a blush brush) and put the cream onto that and then press that a couple of times onto my eye and build up colour and then use the same brush for the powder. It gives a good effect. I also don’t put any on my crease of my eye but stop just before it. I think that helps it not to cake as much (but I don’t know I just think that or if it avtually woks, ha!)

    I don’t know if mines a bit different because its a blue pigment being used, but its a pretty good shadow and it seems I have had better results with it. I was really thinking about getting the Casanova Supernova one cause I wanted a chocolate brown, but I don’t know anymore, haha 🙂

    • Hi Casey,
      Thanks for sharing how you use yours, I am definitely going to give it another go your way. I think I know which kind of brush you mean, I have a similar one, it’s a small eyeshadow brush – but angled. I think stopping before the crease is a good idea too, thats where I usually get the most creasing.

      I hope I didnt put you off trying it, it may just be my skin type (super oily!) that didn’t work for me. Also as you already have one that works for you I’d be inclined to think that it will be great on you! If you’re looking for a matte brown cream shadow, one that I love is “Quite Natural” by MAC, its a lovely matte finish, and on my oily lids lasts all day without a primer. I have tried it with a primer too, and that lasts even longer.

      Let me know how you go, I’d love to see some pics if you have any!

      Channel x

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