review: Sleek Make Up Luminaire Highlighting Concealer

I first started using the Luminaire Highlighting Concealer when it was first released in the UK – about 8 months ago. As I have mentioned before, my skin is oily, however at the time I was looking for a slightly more moisturising concealer, as I had suffered an allergic reaction to my eye cream and felt I needed a concealer that was more moisturising than I would usually go for.

Firstly, lets clarify what this product claims to do:

  • Conceal blemishes (well I hope so, it’s a concealer!)
  • Highlight & moisturise
  • Brighten dark circles
  • Provide a natural, dewy finish

This concealer comes in 5 shades: L01, L02, L03, L04 and L05. I own 2 shades from the range: L04 – pink toned and L05 being more yellow based.

Starting with the packaging, the concealer comes in a sleek, black pen shaped container (does justice to it’s name!) with clear, easy to identify gold lettering and black shiny lettering for the Sleek logo.

The product itself is delivered by clicking the bottom of the pen to dispense the concealer through the top of a brush tip. At first, I wasn’t sure about this, being a stickler for clean skin and clean utensils, I wasn’t sure that this was particularly hygienic. Was I supposed to use the brush tip to blend my concealer?

How I apply it

I quickly found the brush tip very easy to use; my technique being to press the clicker about 2-3 times and dot the concealer underneath my eyes. I then use a clean, fluffy blending brush to gently buff & blend the concealer onto the skin underneath my eyes. I finish by setting with a loose translucent power. I was absolutely delighted with the results… As described, this product both concealed the dark areas underneath my eyes, provided moisture without being oily or greasy, highlighted underneath my eyes without being too light and it set to a natural finish (I would say more natural than dewy). It’s not often that a beauty product does exactly what it claims to do, so I was thrilled.

I have continued to use this product over the 8 months switching between the lighter and darker shades depending on how much highlighting I need under my eyes (i.e how much sleep I have had!) I have used the product in many ways – mixed with a thicker concealer, mixed with a darker concealer to get the right shade, alone without any foundation, over the top of foundation and it works EVERY time! It provides the right amount of coverage under my eyes, but not too much so that it sits in the creases, and I can’t rave enough about the consistency – creamy and smooth, easy to blend. It really is perfect for under eye concealing. I have tried quite a few concealers, most of them being a lot more expensive, however this is definitely my all time favourite of the concealers I have tried so far…

I would suggest using this under the eyes only, as it is a highlighting concealer – it probably wouldn’t look great on top of any blemishes or marks on other parts of your face. This is not a down side to the product, after all it is designed to highlight so it makes perfect sense to use this on the under eye area.

The packaging is nice, however I found it a little bit tricky identifying which shade I was using once I had taken the lid off – the shade is only written on the top of the lid – but I really am nit picking here, to give you a balanced view! At times, some of the product can come off on the inside of the lid making it a bit messy, but nothing a quick wipe wont fix. As ALWAYS with base products, I would love to see some darker shades, or in this case, some correcting shades such as a salmon, lavender or green but compared to most, Sleek are doing a great job when it comes to shade range.

Overall, this truly is one of my favourite products to use, it works well paired with other products, the shade range is pretty good, and comes at a very good price. I genuinely use this almost every day – I have gone through 2 of the L05 shade pens I am working on the next one! If you are looking for a quality concealer that highlights, but doesn’t cake, then I would highly recommend this – you can’t go far wrong.

Let me know what you think, did you enjoy this review? Is there a particular type of review you would like to see? Foundation? Primer? Lipstick? Mascara? Do you have darker skin in Australia? Which products or brands do you use? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you.



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