review: La Femme Blush on Rouge

Tricky to get my hands on, but I managed to bag myself 3 blush colours from La Femme which I had been hearing so much about. Le Femme have gained themselves a pretty decent following for their blushes. I took one look at the colour selection and knew I wanted to give them a try. The shades I own are:


Indian Rose


The colour range is extensive; catering to all skin tones from the very fair to the medium/very deep aboriginal, African, Indian, Caribbean skin tones (that’s what I like to see!) To my knowledge the blushes come in three different textures, Matte, Pearlized and Demi-Pearl. The three shades I own all have a matte finish…

Left to Right: Indian Pink, Peach, Mulberry

Left to Right: Peach, Indian Rose, Mulberry

The blushes are certainly pigmented, look at my fingers after scrubbing with a tissue!

Also worth mentioning, I have used the Peach colour to DEATH! I use it all the time for a nice peachy flush to the cheeks for work and as you can see I really haven’t made a dent compared with the others which I do not use as frequently. The Peach goes with everything and I am so pleased that it actually turns out peachy on my skintone not just a bland ashy colour like most other peach tones I have tried. Definitely, getting a back up of this one!

I really feel La Femme blushes are on a par with a lot of higher end blushes, not just for their affordability, but quality, colour range and staying power. In short, the La Femme blushes I have tried are excellent, if I’m not careful I will end up with the full range!

Have you tried the La Femme blushes? Which are your favourite blush brands? Which blush colours do you favour for your skin tone? Be sure to comment, I’d love to hear from you!



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