add a dash of colour to your day: NYX Rouge Cream Blush

The NYX cream blushes are available in 12 gorgeous shades from sheer pink tones to bright orange, there’s something for everyone.

Top Row: Hot Pink, Bronze Goddess | Bottom Row: Orange

Not to be corny or anything, but they really do add a dash of colour – at least to your face. I own the shades CB08 Hot Pink, CB09 Orange and CB12 Bronze Goddess. I have been looking for an orange blush to show up on my skin, but that will be flattering at the same time, the orange shade is really my favourite. It can be built up for a more intense colour or if you are not feeling adventurous can be used sparingly to create a light flush of colour.


Hot Pink

Bronze Goddess

The blushes are creamy at first in texture, but set to a relatively matte finish on the skin. I like to use my finger to apply and blend on the apples of my cheeks, then use a foundation brush to make sure the edges are blended out perfectly towards the hairline. This orange blush has started a ball rolling because now I am in search of the pefect orange matte powder blush that can be paired with it!

Clockwise From Top: Orange, Hot Pink, Bronze Goddess

Worn alone the cream blushes look incredibly natural and pretty, but dont last as long if set with a powder. Don’t worry if you dont have a powder blush to match perfectly, it can be set with a translucent powder. I would use a light hand when setting to avoid any cakeyness. If you have dry skin, these blushes are even more perfect, they sit comfortably on the skin and you wont need to set the colour with powder.

I am of course now eyeballing the rest of the shades, there’s a stunning shade called “Glow” which looks to me like a medium dusky pink colour which is on my list and “Tea Rose” which I believe has gained a bit of a cult following. The other shades Rose Petal, Natural, Golden, Tickled and Boho Chic look like they would sit beautifully on Indian skin tones, Diva and Red Cheeks slightly deeper in hue look to be very flattering on darker skin tones such as African skin, Goan, Sri Lankan.

Having said that I strongly believe that almost all makeup and be used by anyone, it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box and adapting a product to suit you. For example I own a few cream blushes which look amazing in the container but just do not show up on my skin… Instead of declaring them useless, I have been using them on my lips instead as a pink lip colour topped with a clear gloss. That’s what makeup is about, having fun! Get creative with your makeup ladies!

Have you tried the NYX blushes? Do you have any multi tasking products that you love to use? Share your tips with me in the comments below, I’d love to hear how you use them!



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