review: LUSH Lip Scrub

Now that summer is pretty much over, I have found myself using this lip scrub more often. I think a combination of the cooler weather here in Melbourne and the drying heating has taken a toll on my skin, particularly my lips.

I have been using this scrub on and off for about 6 months. When I bought it, I wanted something to smooth my lips in preparation for lipstick. To be honest, sometimes lipstick is hard work for me. It tends to dry out my lips especially the matte formulas. I own the lip scrub in “Bubblegum” flavour. Yes flavour – this is also a scrub you can actually eat. It contains – amongst a few other things – sugar, jojoba oil and flavouring. Other flavours available are Mint Julips (see what they did there!?) a combination of mint, chocolate, and vanilla and Sweet Lips a chocolate/vanilla flavour.


  • It works great – exfoliates my lips, but gentle too
  • You can eat it! Its great that it’s edible, but also I like that the ingredients are natural enough to eat
  • The jojoba oil really helps to smooth and soften my lips
  • Natural product and vegan friendly
  • Leaves a really lovely tingly feeling to my lips


  • I would love to see some more natural flavours, the thought of a chocolate lip scrub doesn’t really appeal to me…maybe something fruitier and fresher?
  • You only get a small jar – 25g
  • Can be a little messy/tricky to use. I know that some people find it difficult to get the product out and the crumbly-ness of the sugar can be messy. To be honest, this doesn’t really bother me. I use clean hands to get a little bit of the product out of the jar and catch the rest with my other hand!

Overall, this is a hit for me. If you want something quick, compact and effective to smooth your lips – this does the job. Have you tried any LUSH products? Are you a fan of the crazy smells emanating out of LUSH shops?? Tell me what you think in the comments, don’t be shy!



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