my top 5: Nude Lip colours for dark skin

5. “Nude Lustre” is a nice mid toned pink-nude with very subtle shimmer. The shimmer doesn’t show up, but on my lips helps to blend into my lips without looking odd

4. “Naked” is a cool creamy nude colour with no shimmer. It’s very saturated in colour, a little goes a long way, it’s thick in texture, but not sticky. The gloss also has a slight minty smell and gives tingle to the lips.

3. “Natural” is a muted pink with no shimmer, also very saturated the texture is thicker than the average gloss which helps with staying power. Also has a cherry -like scent.

2. “Jailbait” is a sheer pink with a hint of brown. It has a slight shimmer which is visible on the lips but not too overpowering and is smooth in texture on the lips. This does have a particularly bitter taste to it which I’m not fond of.

1. My number one is definitely the Guerlain Terracotta lipgloss in Grenade 03. Although the formula is thin, the colour is amazing. It’s a subtle reddish brown with gold shimmer. I find the gold shimmer really lovely and unique, but not over the top, it gently enhances the warm undertones. The colour is lovely and one that I think would suit all skin tones from fair to very dark. I don’t have to explain that the packaging is beautiful. I am really not a sucker for packaging, but this really is pretty. I also like the doe-foot applicator which bends slightly to your lip as you apply – making application easy.

I chose these lip colours as my top 5, as they are all so versatile and interchangeable. They can easily be worn alone or paired with each other.

What is you favourite nude lip colour? Are you a lipstick or a gloss person? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you…



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