silk benefits: Silk Perfect Pillowcases

I have been wanting to try some silk pillowcases for a while now. Not because I want to be a princess! My hair is relaxed, so I like to do everything I can to keep it in good condition. Before buying, I had read that silk pillowcases are beneficial because they:

  • Help to prevent bed head (messy unruly hair)
  • Are gentle on the hair – less friction due to the smooth surface of silk, therefore less breakage
  • Less likely to draw out and adsorb moisture from the the skin and the hair
  • Prevent fine lines and wrinkles (again due to the smooth surface)
  • Hypoallergenic

Silk is supposedly able to do all these things because it is a natural fibre with a smooth surface. I purchased two Silk Perfect pillowcases from the website and as I had spent over a certain amount was also sent a free silk eye mask. As mentioned my main reason for purchasing this product was because I had noticed that using my regular cotton or polyester pillowcases was leaving my hair dry and frizzy. I do wrap my hair at night to protect the hairline, but the rest of my hair was always very messy and often my head scarf would come off in the night leaving my hair looking like a dry rat’s nest when I woke up (nice!) Most importantly I was also worried that due to all the friction and moisture loss every night, that my hair would break… and I really don’t want that.

After hand washing the pillowcases in mild detergent I tested the pillowcases for about two weeks. After the first night (I bravely went without my head scarf, this is big for me, no head scarf?) Even my other half looked at me oddly for not wrapping my hair – I was pleasantly surprised, and very impressed. I woke up and immediately got up to see what my hair looked like first thing without any manipulation. To be honest it looked pretty close to how I had left it the night before. A few stray hairs, but no fluff, no mess, and not dry looking. Result!

Over the past 2 weeks I have been really, enjoying the pillowcases Overall I have noticed:

  • My hair is always smooth when I wake up – no bed head, no frizz
  • They are comfy to sleep on – the underside of the pillowcases are cotton so don’t slip around while you sleep
  • Feel nice – smooth and cool on my face
  • Are easy to wash – the website recommend that you can wash them in a washing machine on “silk cycle”, but I am happy to hand wash, it takes no time at all, and they dry quickly

They are supposed to also prevent fine lines and wrinkles…umm not sure about that one yet, ask me when I’m 50! I suppose by default, the smoothness of the fabric will be gentler on the skin, so can help to prevent wrinkles. They also claim to help prevent dry skin on the face as silk is not as absorbent as cotton – my face, so far feels the same when I wake up, I do find that cotton can make my skin dry however, I haven’t really noticed much difference yet I’ll have to keep using to decide on that one.

Overall, I really love these pillowcases, they do exactly what I wanted them to do – keep my hair smooth, and reduce friction and therefore breakage on my hair, so I am happy. Now if when I am 50, I have hardly any wrinkles, I will be chuffed. Keep reading til then!!

Channel x


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