beauty empties: Bath & Basics

I have been collecting my empties for a couple of months and I thought I’d better go ahead and do a post on this as planned before I end up with a year’s worth of empty packaging cluttering my bathroom!

Garnier Body, Ultra-softening lotion

I am a big fan of Garnier products including some of their skincare for the face. This body lotion (as the packaging may suggest!) is really good for overly dry skin. Yes, I am a weirdo with extremely oily skin on face, and at times very dry skin on my legs & arms (sigh) This lotion is rich and creamy and does indeed keep very dry skin at bay. Smells lovely too ๐Ÿ™‚











Palmolive Naturals, shower gel

I chose this massive litre bottle…well because I’m lazy! I like to buy in bulk when it comes to things I use frequently. I spotted this by accident and happen to like it quite a bit. It’s pretty basic, but does add a little moisture to my skin as it claims to do. P.S what are moisture reservoirs??











The Body Shop, Seaweed Clarifying Toner

With a lovely fresh scent, this toner is great post cleanser when my skin is feeling congested. Great for making sure all the make is removed from my face (especially around the hairline and neck).











Jergens naturals, Skin Firming body moisturiser

I did it! I finally finished this thing after weeks of lingering in my bathroom. A very standard mosituriser with a pleasant scent…not much else. Certainly didn’t firm my skin!











Cetaphil, Oily Skin Cleanser

If you have read my review on this, you will know that I really love this…already onto my second (larger) bottle. Check out my review for it under the Skincare category











Dove Original, antiperspirant deodorant

A simple clean smell that I love and always find myself going back to











Of the above items, I have repurchased all products except the Jergens naturals moisturiser. What have been your favourite bath, shower or body products over the last couple of months? Keep your eye out for a make up empties post very soon!

Channel x


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