review: Trishave shave crème

Personally, I am tired of using shaving gels and foam. They don’t really do the job properly, I don’t get a close shave and they leave my skin dry and itchy, (even the ones supposed to be infused with moisture.) Which is why I decided to try something different. I bought Trishave shave crème at – Priceline (of course) for $7.39 – I was looking for something that was less messy, easy to use and most importantly for me something that would result in a smooth shave whilst adding moisture.

The “3in1” action is supposed to cleanse the skin & soften the hair, contain skin friendly conditioners and moisturise the skin.


  • Consistency – I love that the product is thick and creamy, this means it is easier for me to apply, produces less mess than a foam or gel and it stays where it’s supposed to.
  • Soap free formula – Soap dries my skin up like nobody’s business; a combination of soap and aggravating the skin while shaving is not a good combo for me!
  • Moisturising properties – This is the main reason I purchased Trishave, I really wanted something moisturising to shave with. I have been pinching the other half’s shaving oil for the last few months and then claiming ignorance once it has been used up in about 2 weeks, so thought it was only fair that I find an alternative!
  • Contains tee tree oil – my new found love! I am loving products that contain tree tree oil, it really does almost everything. Because tree tree oil has anti inflammatory qualities, if you do end up with any scrapes the oil will treat the skin.
  • Smoothness all round! – My skin does indeed feel soft, smooth and moisturised when I have finished shaving.


  • Scent – The product also contains rose oil which in itself isn’t bad however the smell of rose oil combined with tee tree oil is a bit odd. It’s not overbearing but I really would have liked a different scent combined with the tee tree oil or perhaps a fragrance free oil. It ends up smelling a bit medicinal
  • Packaging – Not overly exciting, the crème comes in a standard white tube with pink/white lettering, very basic. Also worth mentioning that I bought the SPF30 moisturiser for my other half – the packaging on that is exactly the same but blue. Pink… and blue – a little boring in my opinion
  • Size – Although the product is rich and creamy and goes a long way, it would have been nice to see perhaps 125g or 150g instead of just 100g.

An overall win for me, I will definitely be repurchasing once I have finished my current tube. In the meantime I will be hoping for some new, nicer fragrances – something light and zesty always does the trick for me!

Hope this was helpful, let me know if you have used Trishave in any of it’s guises… Maybe you’ve tried another shaving crème or shaving oil? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “review: Trishave shave crème

  1. I’ll definitely have to try- I like tea tree oil, it seems like nature’s wonder product 😀 I wish I had no need for shaving. If only I had money like the Kardashians and laser it all away (the hair, not the money, lol!)

    • Ha! Yeah me too, It’s really a chore for me I hate shaving! Yeah, I love tea tree oil, I use a tea tree moisturiser and I recently bought some pure organic tea tree oil, its a great antiseptic on the skin, so helps to treat spots etc… love it 🙂

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