Peach blush: 3 ways

Peach has been my stand out favourite blush colour this year. I wore it throughout summer and I love it so much that I have continued to wear it through winter too. My eye is always drawn to peach colours in makeup, which sparked an idea to share with you different ways I like to wear peach blush. The colour combinations are endless, and I love how versatile peach can be. Beautiful and fresh on porcelain skin – radiant and peppy on deep skin. I love experimenting with makeup and have found La Femme’s β€œPeach” blush to be gorgeous worn alone, but even better layered over other blushes. So without further ado, here goes my take on peach blush 3 ways…

NYX Cream blush in Orange layered underneath La Femme in Peach

NYX Orange blush is a vibrant orange with a slight peach undertone which makes this combination so complimentary.

Because both blushes are so vibrant and pigmented, I think this combination would best suit a deep skin tone (African, Goan, Indian, Aboriginal, Caribbean).

Kett Cosmetics blush in Peace layered underneath La Femme Peach

Kett Peace blush is a muted peach with apricot tones. Peace is slightly more restrained, but I like this because it almost looks like a highlight on deeper skin.

I think this combination would best suit a porcelain, fair to medium skin tone; or a deep skin tone as a stunning highlight/blush.

Jemma Kidd blush in Paw Paw layered underneath La Femme Peach

The Jemma Kidd blush is a light toned true peach, that applies quite sheer. I initially struggled a bit with this one. Straight up on my skin tone, it’s a little too light and really doesn’t show up enough.

I think this combination would best suit a fair to medium/tan skin tone but of course you can add more or less to suit you as I did.









And to round it up a reminder of “Peach” blush by La Femme

And that’s it! My take on peach blush 3 ways. I wear all of these, so feel free to experiment with layering to achieve the level of colour and pigmentation you’re looking for.

Let me know in the comments your favourite peach blushes and how you wear and apply them, I’d love to hear from you.

Channel x


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