Hot Oil – Treatment For Relaxed Hair

To hot oil or not to hot oil?  I have been doing a little research online about hot oil treatments for hair and the benefits of using a hot oil treatment. There is so much information out there, to honest it’s hard to decide whether hot oil treatments would benefit my hair hair. type. My hair is relaxed (straightened) and I wanted to add a little bit extra to my routine. I currently love using Mizani hair products. I have been using them for a very long time, and they work so amazingly well with my hair (product reviews to come!) I just wanted to add a bit of a boost to my hair to ensure that it continues to be healthy.

I read various blogs and articles online about different kinds of oils, their properties, their benefits, cold pressed, virgin oil, extra virgin oil, refined, non refined  by the end of it, I was bloody confused! I also found myself looking at US websites selling such oils that looked great. But after a little thought I realised it would make more sense to purchase from an Australian website for various reasons:

1. Shipping, I was looking to order a couple of litres of oil, which seemed ridiculous and a bit risky to order from the US. Ordering such a heavy parcel and trying to get it though customs? Pass.

2. Origins of the oil. It seemed even more ridiculous to order oil ethically sourced from various countries only to spend a bagillion dollars on shipping… probably by plane too 😐

3. The products I chose were either made not too far away from Australia, or as stated on the websites are ethically sourced.

So after much debate, I decided to keep it simple (stupid) and concentrate on the properties I was looking for:  strengthening, moisturising, and growth promoting…here’s what I came up with:

Sweet Almond Oil: A lightweight carrier oil, great for adding moisture & shine (purchased from Aussie Soap Supplies)

Castor Oil: Many uses for this, I bought it for it’s hair strengthening & conditioning properties (purchased from Aussie Soap Supplies)

Pure Peppermint Essential Oil: Again so many uses, I purchased this for its hair growth promoting properties and lovely fresh scent! (purchased from Aussie Soap Supplies)

Coconut Oil: As well as being a great all rounder for hair, coconut oil can also be used in cooking. The smell of this particular brand “Fijian Gold” is divine! It’s not cloying or overbearing, it really smells like proper coconut. I hunted down this particular brand because it is organic and a product of Fiji. This oil does solidify, and can be softened by warming the bottle in hot water. (purchased from Natural Health Organics)

I have tried my treatment a few times, but I still tweaking the best way to use it..before shampooing, after shampooing, under the dryer…and so on! I will update you once I have the routine down pat!

As you can tell I really love my hair, I would love to hear what you think. Have you tried you own homemade hot oil treatment before? What was your experience and which oil(s) did you use? I’d love to hear from you, tell me all about it in the comments 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Hot Oil – Treatment For Relaxed Hair

  1. I have thick, dense natural afro textured hair and can never escape from split ends and fair knots so doing hot oil treatments help with retaining length. I used plain coconut oil or noni infused coconut oil, growing up because it was the only oil i knew of, but it always made my hair feel hard and brittle when i just applied it on naked hair. Fast forward to my adult years and after reading many blogs on my hair type and spending countless hours watching youtube videos on hair care, I’ve found that the only way I can use coconut oil is a hot oil treatment and i no longer get brittle hair. Based on what I’ve read off these blogs, the only oils proven to penetrate the hair shaft is coconut, avocado and olive oil so i switch things up when i feel like it. I apply it to my hair overnight before wash day and i add it to my conditioners for a deep conditioning. I also use castor oil which thickens my hair and i also like grape seed oil as well as amla oil (it’s indian so i get it from the asian groceries shop) which gets my hair dark and gives it a nice sheen.
    I swear by hot oil treatments 😀

    • That’s great advice thank you. I actually just came home from the hairdresser trip of hell, they really had no clue what they were doing with my hair 😦 It is making me want to transition to my natural hair even more now. I am defo going to try the hot oil treatment overnight… 🙂

      • oh no 😦 this is why i trust no one and do it all myself. hope to hear about how your oil treatment went 🙂

  2. I have thick coarse hair that looks great when it is relaxed. I have been experimenting with other products and forgot how much I love the Shielo Restoration Oil.

    I use the Shielo Oil on my hair for conditioning every few days (depending on hair dullness). My hair looks amazingly shiny and more manageable. It also helps me prevent split ends. Recently I was in a wedding and we used it as a finisher for my upsweep. The hair stylist was amazed, she commented she had never seen hair with so much sheen.

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