revlon lip butter swatches: Tutti Frutti

Probably not a winter colour at all, I decided to wear the Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti yesterday. It was a pretty rainy and miserable day here in Melbourne yesterday, so I opted for something bright. Tutti Frutti is a glossy, sheer but buildable true orange.

I know that the lip butters have been reviewed at lot to say the least. I was never intending to buy any either, I wasn’t overly excited about them – to me they just looked like glossy lip balms. A Priceline sale convinced me to give one a try, and I will say that my mind has been changed somewhat… I wont bore you with an in depth review, but thought I would share my take on my experience with the Revlon Lip Butter that I have tried.


Revlon Lip Butter in “Tutti Frutti” worn over a primer






















Value – I will be honest in saying that I find over $20 for this product to be pretty steep. Also, because of the buttery texture, I found that I have used rather a lot of the product even though I have only worn it 4-5 times. I reckon it’ll run out pretty quickly.
Application – The product applies very nicely; are extremely easy to apply, and look and feel smooth.

Texture – I really like the texture, they are soft, rich and hydrating – they wont dry your lips out.

Range – They are very easy to wear, with the huge selection of colours available you’re sure to find a colour to suit you. The colour range also makes them suitable for darker skin tones (which I love!). What’s also great is that the colour shows up nicely on my lips. I often struggle with sheer lip products – I love the hydration they give, however oftentimes the colour just doesn’t show up on me.

Wear – This is my favourite thing about the product- as the glossiness inevitably wears off, the lips are left soft and moisturised and the colour just mellows to a subtle hue. I love that the colour still hangs around after the gloss is gone and whats more, it wears evenly – no patchy or streaky areas.

In a nutshell, a very nice product, if a little pricey for what it is. I wont ask if you have tried A Revlon Lip Butter, I bet you have!! What do you think? How do the other  colours compare? Tell me in the comments…

Channel x


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