review: Ben Nye Powders

I own two Ben Nye Powders, the first one the Banana Luxury Powder which has been well hyped as a product particularly good for those of us with dark skin:

I like to use the Banana Powder underneath my eyes to set concealer. I am using a particularly dewy concealer at the moment (not out of choice, just lack of choice) and I really need something high performance to help it to stay. The Banana powder really performs for me – it is very fine textured (almost fluffy??) which means it doesn’t sit in the creases of my eyes. The colour as the name suggests has a yellow tint to it which is perfect for highlighting the middle of the face which I like to do. I also know that this is a bit of a cult product for those with deep skin because it is not a stark white colour. Although a lot of translucent powders claim to be suitable for all skin tones, they often leave a white, grey or ashy tone to dark skin – this does not happen when I use banana powder; the yellow tint makes this lovely for those with yellow undertones in their skin – Indian and Asian skins (and me!)  I will say that if you have a very deep skin tone (think Alek Wek) this may still look a bit ashy on the skin, although if you have skin as beautiful as Alek, you probably don’t need to wear foundation or powder!

…and a shade which adds a little warmth Sienna Translucent Face Powder:

This powder is my “fix all problems” powder. I use it to correct and even out my foundation. Because the powder is translucent, it only offers a tint therefore is very forgiving and easy to work with. The photograph shows the powder as a bit red, but it actually has a good bit of yellow in it. The texture of this one is not as silky and fine as the Luxury Powder, but still nice and easily blended.

As you can see, the powders come in a sifter style container. This is probably the messiest and most difficult to control container I have ever used! The holes are actually quite large considering the fact that you will generally only be using a little bit of product per application. I kind of get the idea, it looks to me as if it’s been designed with a makeup artist in mind – maybe to shake out some product onto a clean palette for hygiene reasons, but for little old me it really is difficult to use. I try to tap a little bit out onto a make up lid and it ends up on the other side of the counter 😐 I’m going to try and figure out a better way to use it – can you press this? Let me know if you have pressed any loose powders like this…

A couple of swatches hopefully will give you a better idea of the colour, and texture:

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder – swatched heavily

Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder in Sienna

Overall, a really great product with an excellent colour range. Have you tried any Ben Nye Powders? Which shade(s) do you have and how do they work for you? Let me know in the comments!

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