review: L’Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

I was really happy to receive this little sample of the L’Oreal Base Magique primer. Generally, the primary purpose of primers are to smooth out the surface of the skin ready for foundation, however I am usually more interested in primers that control oil and mattify my skin.  The smoothing, silky and moisturising buzz words scared me a little bit, I was was a bit concerned that the primer would be too rich, add too much moisture therefore causing make up to slide off my skin and worst case scenario cause my skin to breakout.  I was convinced to try it because despite its silky texture the product also claimed to contain “soft powders” to absorb oil. Smoothing, moisturising and mattifying? I had to give this a go!

On my first try I started very, very tentatively with the product, only applying a small amount to areas of my face that needed smoothing- nose area (to help with those pores) and around my chin. I tried the primer under my Graftobian foundation and I was quite impressed:


Smoothed over pores around my nose. My pores were much less visible once makeup was applied.

Thick, but very silky texture – foundation glides over the top

Helped with longevity of my foundation – I noticed that my foundation did not wear away/fade as much as it usually would with no primer at all

Made my foundation look more flawless and looked more professional in photos!

Very easy for Aussies to get hold of – available everywhere in Australia; pharmacies, chemists etc.

Nice packaging – both the sample I have and the full size look nice – the sample is a handy little squeeze tube and the full size comes in a professional looking glass jar

Fragrance free – no overpowering (pointless) scent


As I mentioned it helps with the general wear of my foundation, however doesn’t control oil as well as I had hoped. Perhaps more suitable for normal to combination skin types?

The full size jar is 15ml in size, I think either give us the standard 30ml of product or charge less than $29.95!

Overall, I certainly have mostly good things to say about this primer. I will continue to use my sample, and when I have run out of other primers I have, would purchase it again based on performance. Being the makeup junkie that I am though, I can see something else catching my eye before that happens! Have you tried the L’Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer? Does it add anything to your overall look? Let me know in the comments…

Channel x


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