beauty empties: Bath & Makeup

Garnier Body, Ultra-softening lotion

As you can see, I have polished off 2 of these, one for dry skin and one for extra dry skin. The extra dry skin formula being slightly richer, which is perfect for my skin in the winter months.

Dove Original, antiperspirant deodorant

Dove is one of my fav brands for deodorant & shower creams.

Olay, Acne Control Face Wash

An accidental discovery, I purchased this when I had run out of my Murad cleanser and needed something on hand in case my skin broke out. It contains salicylic acid which really helps to combat blemishes, and helps to speed up healing too. I wasn’t expecting this to be anything special however I have repurchased and like to use it together with my Cetaphil Cleanser.

Collection, Big Fake False Lash Mascara

Definitely not a favourite of mine, very thick and dry in texture makes it difficult to apply evenly.

Too Faced, Lash Injection Extreme Thickening Tube-Building Mascara

I switch between loving and hating this mascara. The mascara is thick and tricky to apply, however paired with a thinner more lengthening mascara it can work wonders. Nice to use at the roots of the lashes to add volume, but just that touch too much and you end up with extremely messy clumpy looking lashes. It also has a really offputting strong chemical smell.

What have been your favourite bath, shower, body products or make up this month, and will your routine change coming into the summer months? Let me know in the comments!

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