review: Skindinavia No More Shine

I purchased the Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish mist during summer here in Melbourne. As I’m sure you already know, my skin type is oily therefore I need to take steps to help my makeup stay on all day. I usually have it all under control, that is until it gets to summer! I find that during summer, things like direct heat & being in and around the city cause my skin to produce even more oil (yes more! how delightful!) I won’t bore you with all my tactics for keeping my makeup on however, I thought I would share this little gem with you because during summer it really is my beauty saviour!

How I use it:

1. Apply my full face of makeup including setting powder. I have read that the mist is best applied over a full face of makeup – minus mascara. To be honest, when I am hurriedly getting ready in the morning, I just mist my face with the product over my mascara – and it doesn’t really make any difference.

2. Shake the bottle and mist the product all over my face concentrating on my forehead and nose – my most affected areas. This usually takes between 3-4 pumps.

3. Wait about 1 minute for the product to dry and I’m done!

The product also claims to be formulated for sensitive skin, although I would suggest that if you are sensitive to alcohol (second on the ingredients list), you may want to try a small bottle first to test it’s suitability.

Skindinavia mist is a very easy and quick product to use and can also be layered underneath your makeup (on bare skin) and then again on top of makeup for extra staying power. For the most part, I just spray it on top of my makeup but for those 40+ degree days I like to layer it under my makeup as well to really make sure it stays put. When using the product in normal temperatures (autumn/winter/spring) my skin stays very matte for around 7-10 hours. After the 7/8 hour mark I do get a little bit of oil breakthrough, but really nothing too obvious. During summer Skindinavia prevents oil breakthrough on my skin for around 5-6 hours which for me is exceptional. My favourite thing about Skindinavia is that my makeup actually wears for longer – I have less of an issue with oil breaking down and fading my foundation meaning that my face looks freshly made up by the end of the day. I also find that I don’t need to touch up my foundation or concealer at all, just an occasional blot is all I need.

The product is also very easy to get hold of – there is a Skindinavia Australia website that it can be purchased from in different sizes. The large size is in the higher price range – $49.95 however, as the product performs so well I find this to be fair and completely worth the price. Have you tried Skindinavia or any other variation of makeup setting spray? Let me know in the comments!

Channel x


4 thoughts on “review: Skindinavia No More Shine

  1. Thanks chan, will see if I can get hold of any! I wasn’t too bad in the summer strangely enough, the change in temperature from warm to colder weather seems to be making my skin oilier!

    • I have heard good things about Model in a Bottle too, I am thinking that it and the No More Shine would definitely not be suitable for very dry skin. Although I know that Skindinavia do have various different setting sprays – there is one called Moisture Lock which is supposed to be good for dry skin. Maybe a hydrating mist might be more suitable for your skin? I have also heard amazing things about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I’d love to hear how you go, if you do try any!

      Channel x

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