review: Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Being a foundation junkie inevitably means that I am just as obsessed with foundation brushes as the product itself! I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection over two months ago, the brush I was most excited about being the Buffing Brush.

All of the Real Techniques brushes are made of synthetic Taklon, which means they are multi-purpose and can be used for both liquid, cream and of course powder products.


Colour coordinated handles make the brushes easily identifiable from other brushes in the RT range and from ones that you may already own. The colour also corresponds to each step of makeup application, in this case the orange corresponds to face/base makeup application

The Buffing Brush has a flat blunt end making it easy to set on a flat surface whilst switching between brushes – also great if like me, you hate to lay your makeup brushes on a flat surface in fear of dirt or bacteria!

Texture & Application

Synthetic Taklon bristles – perfect for those who prefer or do not wish to use animal fibres

When the brush is dry and/or used with a dry product such as powder, I find the buffing brush to be incredibly soft

With use of a liquid product, the bristles actually are a little scratchy. I don’t quite know why the scratchiness occurs only when damp (a little odd!)

Achieves a wonderful finish when used to apply cream blushes; blends to a beautiful, airbrushed, natural finish

Good to Know

Very easy to wash – product loosens a little easier than some of my other brushes (I think it’s the Taklon!) and dries quicker too

Very lightweight, which for me means it’s great for travel

My favourite way to use the buffing brush is for application of cream products. It seems to work well with the thicker texture of a cream product and as I mentioned blends seamlessly. I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you think of the buffing brush or any of the other RT brushes. I will be posting my thoughts on the other RT brushes from the Core Collection very soon!

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