review: MAC 116 Blush Brush

The MAC 116 is a slightly tapered natural bristle blush brush. The smaller than average size is what peaked my interest, the typical blush brush is quite large and fluffy – I was looking for something a little smaller and denser for a more precise and intense application.




So…lets start with the cons, so we can finish on a high!


– Not as multi-functional as a larger, fluffier brush

– I’m sitting here trying to think about something else… aside from the obvious high price! I’m quite happy to pay for quality, however I still find the price a little excessive


– High quality ferrule & natural bristles

– Very soft which allows for easier blending

– Smaller, handier size is great for those with smaller cheeks or if you just want a bit more control

– Dense, yet fluffy – great for picking up the right amount of colour, but still blends flawlessly due to it’s soft texture

– Can also be used for contour – the tapered shape helps with this

– Small enough to be used to set concealer underneath the eye (I prefer a powder puff for this)

– Almost shed free – I have washed this brush around 8- 10 times and have only found around 2 loose hairs

I’m really enjoying using the MAC 116 brush, I am building my brush collection with my most used brushes and think that the 116 was well worth it. Let me know what your favourite brush for blush is in the comments below, on Instragram @beaubrunbeauty,  Twitter or Facebook I’d love to hear your recommendations. What’s your favourite brush for cream blush? I have definitely decided on mine…  thoughts coming soon 🙂

Channel x


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