Lanolips: Lemonaid Lip Aid

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid is described as an ultra rich & creamy whipped lanolin lip treatment



I have to start with how amazing the lip treatment smells. It contains organic lemon oil which smells a-mazing. Truly fresh and zesty and not one bit artificial. The lemon oil not only smells great, but actually acts as a natural gentle exfoliate whilst the medical grade lanolin makes up for the exfoliation by leaving the lips soft and moisturised.


The texture is pretty thick due to the lanolin however once applied to lips, it softens very easily and melts onto the skin leaving behind shine with some subtle shimmer. After checking out the website, I was surprised to find out that harsh exfoliation such as lip scrubs are not the best for lips; so something gentle like the lemon oil is a great way to exfoliate lips without being too harsh.


I was a little unsure whether the pale colour would transfer to my lips, however as soon as the product had melted, there was no white residue at all. You can actually see part of the product above already starting to melt.

I really love this lip treatment. It’s great that it contains organic lemon oil which is beneficial to my skin and really nice to see a gentle natural exfoliant that I can use easily and frequently, a definite thumbs up for me!

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