i think i’m in love: L’Oreal Shine Caresse

I have been rambling about this lip colour for the past few weeks, its high time I told you why I love it so much! As much as I long to be a lipstick girl, I am a gloss girl … Continue reading

Lanolips: Lemonaid Lip Aid

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid is described as an ultra rich & creamy whipped lanolin lip treatment I have to start with how amazing the lip treatment smells. It contains organic lemon oil which smells a-mazing. Truly fresh and zesty and … Continue reading

Bright Cherry Lip

I discovered a little gem in my makeup collection this weekend that I had forgotten all about… Which inspired me to go for a bold red lip, my lippie of choice was Sleek’s Cherry I think Cherry is reaching the … Continue reading

How to: Red Lips for Dark Skin

I love a red lip, usually the brighter the better! So to celebrate my love for red lippies, I thought I would talk through some great ways to sport a red lip if you have darker skin. Starting out a … Continue reading

Battle of the Balms

In my search for a lovely lip balm that will nurture my lips – sooth and protect from the elements and offer a nice healthy sheen I purchased 3 balms over the last year which I thought were up to … Continue reading

revlon lip butter swatches: Tutti Frutti

Probably not a winter colour at all, I decided to wear the Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti yesterday. It was a pretty rainy and miserable day here in Melbourne yesterday, so I opted for something bright. Tutti Frutti is … Continue reading